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By paying for membership or being granted entrance to Longfield Fishery, you hereby accept the rules and agree to abide by them.

1. Every member must do his or her up most to avoid damage to both fish and the wildlife on site and must not interfere with the enjoyment of others 


2. Fishing is at the sole discretion of the management, which reserves the right to refuse permission to fish without giving a reason. 


3. The gate at the entrance to the fishery must be kept locked at all times, failure to do so will mean loss of ticket. No one is to be given access to the venue unless they have a valid ticket. If someone asks to be let on to the venue without a validticket ring Simon, Rob or Tony. Do not allow entry to anyone pretending to be from the council a utility company or environment agency, its usually a scam and if they are genuine they will have spoken to the owner to arrange access


4. Fishing is from designated swims only and anglers must take all their litter home with them. 


5. No fires except cooking stoves and BBQ’s may be lit. 


6. The management cannot be held responsible for damage to persons or their property whilst on site. 


7. No freshwater fish, alive or dead, are to be brought onto the site. 


8. Apart from the Management's, no boats, including bait boats, are allowed on the water. 


A boat is on hand to aid the netting of snagged or weeded fish. Lifejackets (provided) must be worn. 


9. All fish must be returned alive to the lake from which they are caught. All thieves will automatically be prosecuted. 


10. Head Bailiffs reserve the right to carry out spontaneous rig checks at their discretion anyone caught using an unsafe rig will immediately lose their ticket. (No long shank bent

hook rigs or similar.) 


11. All members must be in possession of a minimum sized 42“ landing net. Antiseptic and other fish care products must be used when necessary. Unhooking mats must be of the cradle type with raised sides. No other mat will be accepted. 


12. Both lakes have a maximum of two rods to be used for the whole season. 


13. Unfortunately due to misuse. No baiting poles, roach poles or baiting spoons of any type are allowed. 


14. Pre-baiting is not allowed at any time throughout the season. 


15. Members must at all times be within one swim of their rods unless fishing near snags in which case you must be on your rods at all times. 


16. There is no wading permitted on either lake . No waders are to be brought on site. 


17. Please do not use a marker or spod rod until after 12pm. The end of feeding time! 


18. No swim saving for anglers that are not on site. 


19. Maximum stay of two consecutive nights. 3 nights is permitted between 1st Dec and end of Feb at the discretion of the head bailiff. 


20. The management has the right to add to, delete or amend these rules at any time as it sees fit. 


21.  BAIT 


       Only Boilies, Hemp and Sweetcorn may be used as loose feed. 


       Any type of hook bait is allowed. 


       Live maggots and casters may be used between 1st December and February 28th. 


 Additional Rules 


Road Lake Only 


1 . Missing Star Burst, 3 Scales and the Hoover are to be weighed using your own tripod or with the tripod provided under the Gazebo. There is also a Euro Mat provided for syndicate use if needed. 


2. Lead core is banned. Lead free, Tubing, Safe zone leaders are all fine. 


3. Minimum nylon line diameter must be .38mm 


4. Helicopter Rigs : The top bead must pass easily over the knot between the main line and the leader. Korda and Thinking Anglers do kits for this situation (checks will be carried out to make sure the bead is correctly used) 


5.  Dogs are permitted on Roadlake but only with prior agreement of Rob (head bailiff) 


Fox Pool Only 


1. All captures of carp MUST be recorded in the “Captures” book which is kept in the lodge. 


. If you catch a carp it must be recorded in the book before your departure from the venue. 


2.  Zig rigs are not to be used on Fox Pool at any time 


3. Due to the large amount of cut offs caused by the bars and mussels in Fox, line diameters must be a minimum of  .38mm for Fluro Carbon or .40mm for mono/nylon lines. Braided mainline is permitted on Fox Pool. Due to its abrasion resistance  I do not have a minimum diameter



Anglers with inadequate line will be asked to leave the venue immediately and not return until they have sufficient lines. If I have to send the Bailiffs round with a micrometer then I will do. You’ve been warned. 


4.  Dogs are allowed with prior permission only. They have to be on a lead at all times when walking the venue and should be secured in your swim so they are not able to roam free to any adjacent swims. 


Not all my members are dog lovers and we need to respect that and so you need to keep your dog with you at all times. 

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