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Road Lake



TheLongfield Road Lake is 3 Acres in size and can be found near Wrasbury it is steeped in history from way back in the 60s when it was under the banner of Staines angling through the leisure sport and CEMEX days up until now. The lake has been fished by many famous anglers out there and offered plenty of challenges.It has all the usual features that most waters contain marginal shelves, bars, silt, gravel patches and even a small sunken island but its most abundant feature is a good helping of weed which the fish spend a lot of time feeding in.


The lake has 13 swims which are kept as natural and secluded as possible offering both margin and open water fishing.​There is secure parking and toilet facilities on site and plenty of shops and take aways only a phone call away. All in all, the Road Lake can be a challenging lake, but with a little time and effort the rewards are definitely there and worth the wait.


Download a map showing the swims on Road Lake here


Fish Stock

The lake currently hold fish to 51 lb. Some of which have come through our stocking programme which has seen young fish come from Vs. fisheries and Dinton Pastures all which are doing very well and securing a bright future for the water.​

Current venue Records (updated 2021)

Mirror Carp to 43lb

Common carp to 51lb

Tench 10lb

Fishery size

Three acres with very secluded swims.


Longfield fishery is currently at capacity. Waiting list is by invitation only

Season and rod limits

1 November - 28 February: 3 rod limit - 48hr rule in constant effect

1 June - 31 October: 2 rod limit - 48hr rule in constant effect

1 June 1 - 1 Apr: 2 rod limit - 48hr rule in constant effect


A full list of complex and lake rules can be downloaded here



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