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Fox Pool


Fish Stock                                                                      


The exact stock in fox pool has been hard to establish for many years, how ever with a lot of help from old members and existing ones we now have a good idea of our fish stocks.


Our current fish stock is around 90+ fish


There are currently 2 x 40lb+ Mirrors and 1 x 40lb+ Common.


There are around 8 other fish over 35lb including 3 x Commons.


The rest of the stock is made up of original fish many of which are over 30lb and various fish introduced in the last 2 stockings. These included fish from VS Fisheries mainly made up of the Sutton strain of carp crossed with both the Dink and Leney strain.


Current venue Records (updated 2020)

Mirror Carp            43lb 12oz

Common Carp      48lb 2oz

Tench                       12lb


Fishery size

4 acres with secluded swims.



The Longfield fishery is currently at capacity, waiting list is by invitation only.

Season and rod limits

1 March - 31 March: 2 rod limit - 48hr rule in constant effect

1 June - 31 October: 2 rod limit - 48hr rule in constant effect

1 November - 28 February: 3 rod limit - 72hr rule in constant effect


A full list of complex and lake rules can be downloaded here 

See FoxPool Swim Map Here

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