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A dream gold ticket venue since the late 60s Longfield (Road Lake and Fox Pool) was one of the flagship Cemex fisheries. In 2012 private owners acquired the fishery and are making significant investments in fish stocking and landscaping Fox Pool and Road Lake to ensure that the maximum potential of these waters are reached.​


Our head bailiffs have both been involved with the fishery for over 30 years and are assisted by a dedicated team of bailiffs who ensure the site is kept in top condition and members receive the best possible experience​. Navigate around the site to find out information about each lake and see pictures of the venue and of course of our stunning carp

Membership is currently at capacity and our waiting list is invite only


As new owners in 2012 many members were expecting radical changes. We want to assure everyone that the lakes were purchased based on the unique community​ and qualities of bailiffs and members. We realise how special the lakes are to our members and are looking forward to continuing to offer members such a special venue for many years to come.

We won't rush into changing anything that you have got used to and enjoy but we will be clearing some areas that have been let go a bit like dead trees or trunks that have fallen into the water.

We are guided by our head bailiffs and together we are making Fox Pool and Road Lake the best that they can possibly be. We have already made significant investments in fish stocking, screening, planting and road repair and we will continue to invest to keep the lakes special and welcoming. 


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